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Miss Poison #23

Miss Poison #23

Sativa; Miss X x Poison Peaches

Average 25-29% Total Cannabinoids;


There’s nothing toxic about Miss Poison #23. Green Life Productions tested 24 phenos of Miss Poison (Miss X x Poison Peaches) and found some intriguing differences across the board. Miss Poison #23 is a unique outlier expression with terpinolene taking the primary terpene in concentration over farnesene. In some ways, Miss Poison #23 is going through her goth phase. She’s exuberantly coated in dark orange pistils that cover darker green colors beneath. But much like her sisters, she’s also covered in large spherical trichomes that glisten in the light. Outside of the goth-phase aesthetics, one of the larger outliers here is the aroma. She’s terpinolene-to-the-max. Those classic pine-sol jack terps absolutely flood out of each nug, filling your room with that fresh and clean smell without all the hard work. Miss Poison #23 isn’t like the others…

It’s hard not to fall in love with Miss Poison #23. For starters, those straight jack terps that dominate her aroma translate with precision through to her flavor. Her citrusy pine flavor sticks to your tongue with small hints of sweet earth on the back end. This is one of those feel-good strains. She starts with an energetic awakening similar to getting your second wind. She provides a steady mental buzz, a hazy euphoria, and a whole lot of mood elevation. For those seeking healing relief this strain could be helpful in providing mood enhancement, in helping with focus, and in providing functional relief.

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