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What Sets Us Apart

Our innovative growing style models natural ecosystems and utilizes the ethics and principles of permaculture to maximize the benefits of our Organic No-till Living Soil. With the soil food web as our cornerstone, our growing style is truly organic and takes into consideration not only the health of the patient but that of the environment as well. This method of cultivation focuses on quality organic inputs, never using any synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides. What that translates into, is the safest, highest quality cannabis brand that patients can trust.

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    Our New Produce Farm

    Our produce is grown on our organic no-till farm using living soil, which means that it is the most nutrient dense produce you can find. It’s great for those who are concerned about pesticides, antibiotics and GMOs.

    We are a small team that shares the same passion, to produce the most nutrient dense food possible. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and working with the land to enhance it’s regenerative power.

    We are highly dedicated to producing the most nutritious and highest quality produce possible.