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Ineligibly Dank

Definitions: a: not qualified or chosen / n: high quality weed

Ineligibly Dank Large
Introducing Ineligibly Dank, Nevada’s worst-kept best-secret.
While we’re confident in the GLP customer’s education on the endocannabinoid system, the entourage effect, terpenes, cannabinoids, and genetic predisposition to effects – it’s no secret that the market as a whole is THC-driven.
Without the customer’s ability to see and smell cannabis at the point of purchase, they are often only left with the COAs to judge flower and may only be familiar with understanding THC from those labs. Right or wrong, that is the honest state of Nevada cannabis today.
So where does Ineligibly Dank come into the picture?
It’s simple. Ineligibly Dank is the SAME flower as GLP, with the exception that it will house our lower testing THC lots from each batch. You heard that right. The same curated genetics, the same holistic approach to growing with no-till living soil, and the same unmatched quality from GLP – with one small (and contentious) difference, THC %.
As an example, if we send out 10 lots of MAC for testing, 8 lots may come back testing over 25% for THC. The other 2 lots may come in testing at 19% THC. Keep in mind, this is flower from the same room, harvested the same day, and with everything equal – minus the lab results.
In this scenario, the 8 higher testing lots would be packaged in GLP glass jars with the 2 lower testing lots being packed in Ineligibly Dank Sana 100% reclaimed ocean plastic jars.
This delineation allows us to provide the same quality flower as GLP for a lower price point – helping provide high-grade cannabis to all. And at the same time, respecting the craftsmanship put into GLP’s cultivation and legacy.
Ineligibly Dank is still ultimately GLP, it’s up to you to keep the secret (or not).
Steven Cantwell