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High MAC

Hybrid; Highschool Sweetheart X MAC Stomper

Average 21-24% Total Cannabinoids;


Someone call the EPA, we’ve got a major gas leak on our hands. High MAC has an insanely sweet and zesty fuel aroma, accompanied by a lemon gas funk. She’s coated in thick crystalline-like trichomes that glisten like lights hanging from a chandelier. Her large pinecone shaped buds have powerfully appearing foxtails that look like brilliant green fireworks. With a cushy and perfectly hydrated consistency, let’s hope your grinders are ready for a workout

After rolling up some of High MAC’s sticky goodness, her dry hit tastes like an extra sour lemon meringue. Your taste buds will be pleasantly greeted with a sweet and heavy funk on the inhale,with a gassy citrus taste on the back end and as it settles, you’ll get hints of subtle floral earth. Starting from the head down, you’ll feel reduced intraocular pressure behind the eyes, those mood enhancing ultra-mellow vibes, and a warm munchie-inducing relaxation. For those seeking healing relief, this strain could be helpful in reducing inflammation, assisting with appetite stimulation, and in improving mood.

High Mac’s got your back.

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