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Purple Cough #16

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Hybrid; Strawberry Cough X Anthocyanin Man (Plum Crazy X Purple Wookie)

Average 23-26% Total Cannabinoids;


The beauty of pheno hunting lies in the intricacies of the genetics we breed. There is a stark difference between our Purple Cough #6 and Purple Cough #16. Whereas #6 looks dark and ominous, #16 is an overwhelmingly bright and frosty flower. Her brilliant green landscape is covered by fiery orange pistils and looks like a magnificent star filled galaxy. And in contrast to #6 sweet berry and chocolate aroma, #16 emanates a tangy, fruity, and sweet nose that smells akin to a sugary and skunky bubblegum. In other words, like happiness.

Purple Cough #16 envelopes your palette with sweet and floral flavors, with slight hints of earthiness. She feels similar to putting your comfy clothes on; helping you relax and ease into the night. In comparison to #6, she has a heavier body and is less cerebral, and feels like a euphoric body melt. For those seeking healing relief, this strain could be helpful in moderate pain relief, relaxation, and in stress reduction.

Sweet Purple Cough #16.

  1. Jose G

    5 out of 5

    So I jus finished an 8th of this strain by GreenLifeProductions out here in Las Vegas. Let me first start off by saying this is some of THEE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER I HAVE SEEN. Such a bright colored strain of “Purp”, with dark almost Red colored pistils and then covered in fuzzy yellow trichomes. Visual appeal hits all bases lol The taste was suuuuuper sweet on the exhale. Definitely reminded me of bubblegum misted with a fine cloud of pepper, with that skunky-ness mixed throughout. I had came down with COVID this past week and this batch of PurpleCough and its super fresh Harvest Date, literally healed my COVID Cough lol It took me 2 days to get thru this 8th and by the last half gram I had woke up the day before yesterday(Wednesday) feeling a million thousand times better all thanks to smoking on GLP’s PurpleCough ! The high was most definitely relieving my intense headache I was having for the past couple of days due to the nasal congestion. It sent my body into the “bag of sand” mode and allowed me to actually fall asleep and STAY SLEEP. I give this Purple Cough, 5 Stars all around and also HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANY IF MY LAS VEGAS LOCALS TO TRY OUT !

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