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Purple Cough #16

Hybrid; Strawberry Cough X Anthocyanin Man (Plum Crazy X Purple Wookie)

Average 23-26% Total Cannabinoids;


The beauty of pheno hunting lies in the intricacies of the genetics we breed. There is a stark difference between our Purple Cough #6 and Purple Cough #16. Whereas #6 looks dark and ominous, #16 is an overwhelmingly bright and frosty flower. Her brilliant green landscape is covered by fiery orange pistils and looks like a magnificent star filled galaxy. And in contrast to #6 sweet berry and chocolate aroma, #16 emanates a tangy, fruity, and sweet nose that smells akin to a sugary and skunky bubblegum. In other words, like happiness.

Purple Cough #16 envelopes your palette with sweet and floral flavors, with slight hints of earthiness. She feels similar to putting your comfy clothes on; helping you relax and ease into the night. In comparison to #6, she has a heavier body and is less cerebral, and feels like a euphoric body melt. For those seeking healing relief, this strain could be helpful in moderate pain relief, relaxation, and in stress reduction.

Sweet Purple Cough #16.

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