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Green Life Productions is known throughout Nevada for their high quality, Clean Green Certified cannabis. Steve and Kouanin Cantwell, along with their incredible team have developed a unique growing method. I recently had the chance to sit down with Steve to find out more about their cultivation and what they have coming up in the future.

Stephanie Shehan: How did you get started in the industry? Take us through the evolution of Green Life Productions.

Steve Cantwell: My wife and I started off as patients in Nevada’s medical marijuana program, with a legal 12 “ish” plant patient garden at home. As the commercial industry began to take off, my wife put together a business plan based on my “organic” growing style and I pitched it to Mike Floyd, a local business man, who’s family sponsored me as a troubled youth to pursue my MMA career. Mike put together a small group of local general contractors and together, with the help of some awesome people along the way we built GLP into a successful company!

Stephanie: You have a unique growing method, tell us about that.

Steve: We grow with “notill” living organic soil indoors under LED lights and are currently on our 21st cycle in the same soil undisturbed. In our system, we utilize the soil food web, a community of organisms that break down organic matter building healthy soil structure where various symbiotic relationships and predator prey interactions provide our plants with nutrients and protection from pest and disease. By consistently eliminating waste streams with our permanent soil beds, the reclamation of our dehumidifier water, an in-house composting system and efficient LED’s, we’ve always done our best to be conscious indoor farmers. Coupled with the elimination of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and the inclusion of organic amendments, cover crops, worms, composts and beneficial insect predators, the cannabis we produce speaks for itself. It is, without a doubt, that the vintage nature of the soil translates to a consumer product that is clearly differentiated in the market place.

Stephanie: Green Life started strictly as a cultivation, have you since branched off into other things?

Steve: Not just yet. COVID-19 slowed down our plans this year but we are still planning on hitting it hard once everything gets back to normal.

Stephanie: What sets you apart from other growers?

Steve: We are a small locally established company dedicated to providing the highest quality products to Nevada. Being a small private company, owner operated & cash flow positive it gives us the freedom to make the right decisions that are best for this plant, our company and our community.

Stephanie: Tell us about your Going Green Initiative and why it matters.

Steve: We started off as a medical industry and took into consideration both the health of our patients and planet when building our company and brand. We feel the health of our planet is directly related to the health of its people, by taking a systems thinking approach we want to be part of the solution and not the bigger problem.

Stephanie: You have a loyal and productive staff, anyone you want to mention?

Steve: GLP is far from a one man show. It takes the hard work and dedication from many to achieve our goals! I’m thankful and blessed for everyone on the team.

Stephanie: What do you have coming up in the future?

Steve: We will be starting on our solventless hash line very soon and hopefully have it dialed in and dropping in the next couple months.

Stephanie: Where do you see the Nevada cannabis industry five years from now?

Steve: Five years from now, after the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality protests, presidential election and the upcoming alien invasion, the only thing for sure is people are gonna want quality cannabis more than ever and Nevada will still have GLP to count on.

Stephanie: What about Green Life in five years?

Steve: Hopefully partnered with Tesla growing weed on Mars!