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Green Life Productions, commonly known as GLP, is the brainchild of former UFC fighter, Steve Cantwell, who now serves as founder, owner & operator of the garden. As an MMA fighter, Cantwell sustained injuries that led to problems beyond pain, such as depression. Cantwell turned to cannabis for medicinal purposes and as he says best, cannabis changed everything for me.” Cantwell immersed himself into learning about the plant, its myriad of uses and how to grow it for optimal results. When Nevada started to open up to recreational licenses, Cantwell made the decision to return to Pahrump, his home town. Mike Floyd — the same Floyd as his first MMA sponsor, Floyd’s Ace Hardware — decided to partner with Cantwell and a few others in building a one-of-a-kind cultivation facility, GLP, on an old lumber yard behind the Ace Hardware.

Two words immediately come to mind when talking about Green Life Productions: regenerative and sustainableGLP’s state-of-the-art cultivation uses LEDs, rotates three rooms perpetually for 13 harvests annually and is the only cultivation in Nevada using 100 percent living organic soil. By building out the facility in this way, GLP has created a living medium ensuring the longevity of its plants. The soil is inoculated with organic microbial life —beneficial bacteria and fungi living among the cannabis. Arthropods, nematodes and ladybugs are a few of the critters that make up the food web in GLP’s no-till botanical garden. The result? Some of the best cannabis in the state with unique strains like Miss X, Strawberry Cough and Triple Bodhi.

Green Life Productions’ methodology is simple: patients and plants first. The mindset at GLP is to put the plants in control by allowing them to eat selectively, rather than force feed the ladies synthetic nutrients, using a chemical-free and eco-friendly process. “As a professional athlete you monitor everything that goes into your body, and the more I researched what I was putting into my plants, the less comfortable I was with it. When I was introduced to living organic soil, I realized this is how nature does it, and everything started to click,” shares Cantwell.