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Ghost OG

Hybrid; OG Kush
Average 26-29% Total Cannabinoids;

An OG, for true OGs. Ghost OG offers a close-but-new twist on the classic OG Kush with the epitomized skunky and
sweet earthy aroma that resembles ripe soil, and a slight hint of orange peel at the end of the nose. It’s got that perfect good-morning smell that beckons to be ignited for good times. Wild bronze pistils cover somewhat sporadic buds with
shades of evergreen and brilliant greens. Her trichomes are large and glisten in the light, and she breaks up into perfect
OG sized nugs ready for your bowl.
The only thing scary about Ghost OG is how delicious it tastes and heavy it hits. We hope you’ve got your bags packed
for a trip to flavor city… Every hit until your last carries a sweet earthy taste that completely shrouds your palate with
minor hints of oats and spice. That classic earthy and coffee flavor is graciously met with an insta-chill. Turn up the
volume, and get ready to feel that beautiful OG orchestra… Full-bodied relaxation is met with a tranquil calming state,
and a stimulating mind buzz that allows you to feel the music and enjoy the mood. For those seeking healing relief, this
strain could be helpful in reducing inflammation, increasing mood, and in helping with mild pain relief.
Don’t be scared, it’s just Ghost OG.

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